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Hmm. Hanzi. This is going to be tricky. Tempted to just target recognition for reading and then leaning on Pinyin entry to let me cheat for writing…
Wonder what @cgiffard’s tack with kanji has been.
@jws Using them a lot, in regular conversation, as creatively as I can muster. Despite many opinions to the contrary, I don’t think there are any “quick hacks” you can easily apply. It’s more of a brute-force learning procedure. Just try to make it fun.
@cgiffard Are you practicing handwriting and production, or leaning on IME entry by sound, then recognizing the appropriate characters from the rewrite list?
@cgiffard And yeah, brute force sounds right. Lots of bruting and forcing.
@jws I don’t really care for learning handwriting, just pronunciation and recognition (which allows me to use IME easily.) I can hand write any of my learnt kanji, but I barely write English these days, let alone Japanese, so I don’t optimise for it.
@cgiffard Cool, thanks! Glad to know focusing on recognition works well before I try it. :)
@jws I know a grand total of like ten characters, but writing some of them out with proper stroke order helped me to memorize them.

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