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Breath of the Wild may be the first Zelda game I play all the way to end* (beating the last bad guy)
@keita I'm curious: why did you stop playing the other ones? And which one?
@lechindianer Not sure. Lost interest, thought the last boss fight was too hard? Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons (and Ages), Minish Cap, I think.
@keita you have a switch? Friendulise me! (I don't actually know how, nor what benefits it confers, but I wanna try it.)
@cgiffard I do! I will, when I figure out how to. What games do you have?
@keita Zelda, mario kart, and some other racing game. I don't really know what else is good, haha. Image []
@cgiffard haha ok! I have the first two. I'll add you when I get home tonight
@cgiffard sent

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