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👌🏼 >> @schmidt_fu: @brainseller I like the middle ones, from deep carrot over texas rose to wasabi. They are moderate as the general tone in the network, and have good contrast in all combinations for both laptop and mobile.
@brainseller Teal, for sure. Many of the others would fail to meet colour contrast thresholds, at least on black.
@brainseller If you're keeping count I favour the orange, with the red as a second. It's visible across more background colours.

Thanks for making this easy for us. :)
@brainseller Dark blue, White background
@brainseller If you need a color that goes on both black or a light background, I'm not really a fan of those color options used alone. If you could find a way to use Texas rose with east bay, maybe? Or maybe change the tint of one or the other?
@brainseller Excuse me. Eastern blue. Not east bay.
@brainseller Red devil, and either/both greens.
Blues are highly associated with other social sites...
Thanks so far. Please keep your suggestions (and reasons for your choice) coming. But keep in mind a logo has to work on bright and dark backgrounds and the color should be unique.

Please try to use the color names on the image.

@brainseller the last one, the dark blur/grey
@brainseller sorry, updating my colour choices as I didn't open the image and see the colour names…

1. east bay
2. congress blue
3. wasabi
I removed all options that were either unpopular (purple), problematic in contrast (east bay on black, texas rose on white), or not unique (congress blue = facebook).
Sorry if your favorite is gone.
Please vote again.
@brainseller lust & sap green
@brainseller I like sap green and eastern blue
@brainseller Deep Carrot please. (Sorry, I didn't see the colour names last time.)
@brainseller I know this is an old thread but I really like deep carrot.
@shawn I liked deep carrot a lot too. But most people, and especially @33MHz liked that blue one more
@shawn I should have composed my answer with Prose actually.
@brainseller ha, its no problem. I got a new build coming soon that fixes a lot of bugs I didn't catch. Coming soon to an inbox near you 😉
@brainseller the blue is quite nice too. I'm a sucker for oranges and reds though /@33MHz

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