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we need Pnut posters, right?
@blumenkraft I recently found mine too. Still need a place to display it properly.
@blumenkraft yes! we need one
@blumenkraft for sure!
@blumenkraft 😁
@blumenkraft Mine's still in the tube it came in.
@blumenkraft I have that poster!
@blumenkraft and what about stickers?
@blumenkraft Oh yeah we need that. I loved that design btw. Wow.
. @thedan84 @watura @unixb0y @33MHz @GTWilson @joe @schmidt_fu @ein_Marco thanks for all your feedback. i will see what i can do. design mockups welcome!! :)
@thedan84 @GTWilson you need to hang them up!! :D
@schmidt_fu yes, stickers are on the todo list. mugs, womens shirts and other things for Pnut are on it as well. :)
@blumenkraft Awesome! Did you design the ADN poster, too?
// @ein_Marco @schmidt_fu @joe @GTWilson @33MHz @watura @thedan84
@unixb0y no, but i wish!! ;)
@ein_Marco @schmidt_fu @joe @GTWilson @33MHz @watura @thedan84
@blumenkraft Haha ok 😂 // @ein_Marco @schmidt_fu @joe @GTWilson @33MHz @watura @thedan84

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