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Simple man with a wonderful wife, 2 daughters. Loki cat's alpha male, Mollie cat's food provider, Ruby dog's chew toy. Asks silly questions.

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@blumenkraft Do you remember flattr before the last major change, when they removed 'discovery', etc., from the service? I complained about that too. :/

@blumenkraft As a contributor there's nothing social in that network any more for me. Account closed. @randolph @jeremycherfas
@GTWilson I started it but the effort involved in posting links is too great for my brain cell. :)


I should start making stuff up based on what I imagine to be the personality of the unlucky subject of my unwelcome attemtion. ;)
@jeremycherfas @randolph

Here it is.
Image []
Hmmm… flattr responded to my message asking them to delete my account. To read the content of the message I have to login to the account.

I guess I should try.



// @randolph @jeremycherfas
@33MHz Damnit, @coopey said 'hangling.' :)
@coopey @33MHz Very windy in the North West of England; Ruby dog isn't at all happy. :(

Hanging? Naah, drooping.
@jacobrealo I got my (at)wiki account working for a little while with help from @ludolphus and @33MHz ;) but ultimately it blackscreened then splash screened again. (big sighs)
@tewha Good to see you despite that. :}
@tewha "Seriously"? Wossat? ;)
I’m so disgusted by Twitter-the-company. Glad to be here, even if not as seriously as I would like.
@jacobrealo @ludolphus I'm still unable to use it. :(
Need to go back to sleep.
@33MHz Expensive
@mandy What a shame. :/ What'd you look for in an 'ideal' location (with a sensible budget)?
@mandy Do you have time to raise an objection, whether it'll be heeded or not?
@33MHz The biggest remaining question: can the girls stop filling the dining room table with toys and craft stuff‽ :}
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