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Simple man with a wonderful wife, 2 daughters. Loki cat's alpha male, Mollie cat's food provider, Ruby dog's poop scooper. Asks silly questions.



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Carrying on from bands I *want* to see, here's my addition to the lists floating around on Facebook, Twitter, etc.:

Call me a liar! :)

(I stop in and listen to my music.)
@schmidt_fu Do you ever occasionally want to do just that, to observe each birthday from birth? I can't remember many to be honest: my 32nd, 40th (very memorable) and 52nd. The rest, probably not many, not without effort, looking at photos (cheating!) :)
Jonathan Demme, director, dies. :(
@jcoder Bleak. Thought-provoking. I like it.
Lights being switched on, resulting in cheers for the surprise party. She blew out the sixty-two candles on the cake and thankfully nobody asked for her wish. They wouldn't understand her wish for "death" because this was actually her 413th birthday. #WedC
Am I a blogger?*


The time-traveler made sure to hit one of her many birthdays each time she returned from a mission. Then stayed for a night. She earned her 1000 years of experience very fast, wasting just a few days of her youth (and taxes) on each.
#wedc #birthday
#WedC ( #Birthday )

"What is our gestation period?"
"10 months, plus or minus."
"Plus or…?"
"Not an exact science."
"You've been subjugating those hamans too long!"
"So why the question?"
"We must visit Glarf Forest. Now."
@mlv Not a long one please. :)

This week's 1-post story writing challenge, to celebrate @schmidt_fu's recent one, is:


1. Write something,
2. Tag it #WedC or #MitC (Deutsch.)

We should probably use the other suggestions another time.

// @33MHz @mlv
Insomnia. 😞
@hb75 @33MHz There maybe a couple of useful ideas to combat insomnia at the very beginning of this old ADN thread:

If not, reading the whole thing might help. ;)
@schmidt_fu Happy Birthday. :)

I *may* be like you: birthdays are for *other* people once children arrive? Less meaningful for oneself, more meaningful for the child because of the fewer 'special' days they've experienced?

May be nonsense, I just awoke.
@schmidt_fu Birthday?‽!
#WednesdayChallenge story suggestions so far:

* fuzz collapse - @33MHz
* #Birthday - @schmidt_fu
* Explain a challenging thing to a child - @bazbt3

Any more?

@skematica @33MHz Heh, yeah. We've two cats and a floppy dog (apart from when she goes mad when I temporarily hide her toys. And when she wants a dental chew stick. And…)
@schmidt_fu Don't be silly :) I have a healthy approach to different, even competing views (gets black book out, writes one name.) :D

When Agent Smith says humans are a virus, I agree 100%: we are mostly dangerous.
@mlv Thanks. :) I'm hoping we get a few more suggestions or feedback before I announce the theme, but it should be an interesting one.

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