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@33MHz One of my main problems with It feels so private, but every post can be read or is indexed by the main search engines. Are the plans to have "private" posts?
@Nasendackel Hm. It may feel like a private network, but dozens of users have joined without explicitly knowing someone on the network (getting an invite directly from @pnut). Making posts private would probably restrict devs, IMO...
@Nasendackel I'm open to the idea, but things like friend groups/circles/etc, even tw private accounts have some sticky pieces. Might be out of scope, where PMs and channels have that sort of thing built in.
@nasendackel (though clients are still adopting channel flexibility, and search will help)
@33MHz @pnut well maybe private is the wrong terms. just that you have be logged in to read. closed posts is maybe the right word :)
@Nasendackel It would be doable to have an option in settings to not allow your profile unless logged in. Threads and the API would take quite a hit to restrict that way, though. I'll keep thinking about it.
@Nasendackel isn't this what patter is for?

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